Dovo Russian Leather Straight Razor Cutthroat Strop - Jimmy Figg's Bare-knuckle Barber - Beard/Shaving Product

Dovo Russian Leather Straight Razor Cutthroat Strop

The Dovo "Col Ichabod Conk" strop features their wonderful Russian leather, which has a wonderful velvety smooth surface and is more consistent then the outer layer of leather more common to lesser priced strops. 

This is a "must have" for all straight razor shavers. A strop helps maintain a fine cutting edge on a straight razor and should be used regularly. This strop combines premium quality leather on one side with canvas on the reverse. The canvas side produces the same effect as a light honing and extends the period between honings.

It features a nickel plated swivel loop for hanging and an integrated padded leather handle. Dovo canvas surface is attached to both the handle and the leather, forming a loop, guaranteeing the ability to pull taught.  It's a beautiful strop and it comes ready to use.

Dovo treats the canvas side with their white paste at the factory adding a bit of a sharpening effect.  Make sure to remove the paste from your blade before stropping on the leather.

Total length: 62cm
Leather stropping length: 40cm
Canvas stropping length: 44cm
Width: 5cm

Marked with the Col. Ichabod Conk logo.

Made in Germany.