To shine or not to shine- matt look mens hair products

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Not everyone likes the high shine, slick look of pomades. That's where waxes really come into their own. Waxes have a low shine, matt finish that adds texture to the hair, great for a slightly messier look. They're generally pliable which means you can redo them during the day. If you have oily hair waxes make a good choice - they don't contain oil like pomades which only make hair look oilier.

Within waxes you'll find variation between low sheen, matt paste and matt clays. The hold of these waxes really varies depending on the product itself.

The lightest of all of our waxes, Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight has a medium hold, with a natural, low shine look perfect for shorter, messier styles. King Brown Matt Pomade has a light to medium hold that suits the shorter messier styles as well. Both of these products will wash out easily. 

Matte Pastes such as Bluebeards Revenge Matt Paste are perfect for achieving that just got out of bed but effortlessly groomed look i.e. a medium hold product that provides texture for a messier style.

Matt clay contains actual clay and can therefore be hard to wash out. They'll give a strong controlled hold that will stay in place all day, but will still allow you do redo it throughout the day. Examples include Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay, Baxter's of California Clay Pomade and Bluebeards Revenge Matt Clay

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