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Today, we're going to help you talk like a barber. No, not the sweary talk, though you'll hear a lot of that around a barber shop, no, I'm talking undercuts, tapers, and all of those other terms that get thrown around. So here's a quick breakdown of some of the phrases you'll hear our barbers throwing around.

Undercut: traditionally a shorter length around the back and sides with the top longer and completely disconnected (that is, not blended in). 

Taper/ Fade: this is where the hair is blended up from shorter hair length near the neck up to a longer hair length near the top. 

Neckline Square, rounded or tapered: necklines are very much a personal thing and can be either squared off to give the illusion of a wider neck, or tapered- where the neckline is quite short, and follows the natural hairline. Tapered necklines generally grow out more neatly, while square necklines might be preferred if you have a messy hairline.

Hard part: this is where the part in your hair is slightly widened by clippers or a blade to give a harder line

High Fade: where the transition from different clipper lengths is quite high on the sides and back, around the temples. Sometimes you'll hear high and tight which refers to a high fade that starts super short.

Low fade: the transition is quite low on the head- just above the ears from the front

Skin fade: This is where the fade starts at 0 around the top of the neck, tapering up to a longer length

Thinned out: this is where the barber will use thinning scissors, which are designed to only cut some of the hairs, leaving others untouched. Some men with bushy hair like to have their thinned on the top every cut but most hair only needs to be thinned out every couple of haircuts.

Sideburns: Generally barbers will ask what you want done with your side burns and most commonly there are three options- bottom of the ear, middle of the ear or top of the ear.



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