How to get the best haircut from your barber

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Visiting your barber should be an awesome experience. You do it regularly and pay for the privilege, it's only right that you leave with exactly what you are after. We want to help you get the most out of the experience so here's six tips for you to get the best haircut you can when you visit the barbers. Next week, we'll go in depth with some barber talk so that you can speak the same language, and drop the right terms to get exactly what you want.

Be on time

Barbers generally work to an allocated time for each haircut. Our barbers only have 30 minutes allocated for a haircut and can't go beyond that without throwing our their schedule and other customers. Unfortunately you are late that means that you won't get the full time allotted for you, which will affect the quality of your cut. When you're ready to go on time, the barbers can spend that time doing a full consultation with you before cutting.

No need to wash your hair ahead of time

While it's always nice for our barbers to have clean hair to cut, seeing how your hair naturally sits is great for us so that we can work with your hair, not against it.

Bring ideas and photos of what you'd like.

It really helps if you have a general style in mind. Think of a celebrity/ actor/ character/ sports tar who's hair you like and mention that to the barber. We can look the photo up for you, and we'll then talk to you about what you like about the cut and what you'd change.

Trust your barber

Sometimes you are going to pick a style that just isn't right for you- it might be a different hair texture that you just can't achieve, or it might be high maintenance for you. If you'r barber suggests the hair style won't work- trust them and work with them to come up with a better one.

 During the consultation

Be honest about your hair routine- do you use product, how long do you spend styling it, what kind of activities do you do that might affect your haircut. This will help the barbers to come up with a style that works best for your lifestyle- you're more likely to keep it looking good that way. It will be much easier for you to look after it.

Ask questions

Don't forget to ask your barber any questions you might have- like how to do this style yourself, how to use your product, what product is best for you, how long to leave the cut before next appointment etc. We are here to make you look good everyday, not just when you walk out.


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