How do I get this oil based pomade out of my hair!

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We had a question just the other day, from a guy who had bought an oil based pomade from the supermarket (yes, I know, guys. Mistake!) and wasn't able to get it out of his hair. He was used to using water-based Uppercut Deluxe, which as you'd know, from our previous article on water vs oil based pomades, is far easier to wash out of your hair.

As we said in that article, oil based pomades are designed to wear in your hair for 2-3 days, over which time they should begin to break down a bit and will be easier to wash out. That's one of the beauties of oil pomade for some people, but for others they prefer an easy wash pomade that just washes out in the shower.

Unless you are a barber or hairdresser, you might find our solutions a bit strange, and rest assured, you wouldn't want to do it too often, but dishwashing detergent (and in particular Morning Fresh brand) is the absolute best at getting stubborn product out of your hair. It's also fantastic at getting a bad dye job out, but that is another story. If that doesn't work, an anti-dandruff shampoo (think Head and Shoulders) might do the job, and bonus- no dandruff. Ha!

The good news is that, recognising how difficult it is to wash out oil based pomades out of the hair, Reuzel have developed a deep cleaning shampoo designed for just this very purpose. We'll have that product available both in store and online later in the week. We'll let you know on Facebook and instagram when it becomes available.

We love it when we get reader questions, so feel free to send them in. You can contact us many ways- email, direct messages over social media, or even through the contact form on our website. 

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  • try this to wash oil based pomade on your head.

    1. wash 1st with cheap hair conditioner.lots of hair conditioner needed to clean the pomade.

    2. wash your hair with water then put your normal hair shampoo.

    3. then wash again and lastly use your normal hair conditioner.

    4. wash & dry your hair as the pomade is no longer on your hair.

    i usually use oil based pomade & these steps worked.

    hazr on

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