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In previous posts we have been talking about different kinds of hair products available, specifically pomades and waxes. The final type of hair product we want to mention are the cremes. Unlike waxes and pomades which are solid, cremes are more of a thick liquid. Cremes, such as the Baxters of California Cream pomade, are great for medium to longer hair and leave a really natural finish. With a soft shine and a really light hold, these are great for controlling fly-away hair and giving a smoother finish to frizzy hair. Rumour has it, some of the more natural cremes, like our Baxters of California Grooming Lotion can even be used on the beard, if you are trying to keep your routine simple.

So there you have it! Over the last three weeks we have covered all of the different mens hair products- pomades, waxes and finally grooming cremes. But which one should you use?

We'd suggest a few questions before you decide:

Do you want shine or matte?

While pomades are great for shine, Wax products are good for a matt finish. Cremes are going to give you a low shine.

How often do you like to wash your hair?

Oil based pomades and matt clays are harder to wash out and look better on Day 2 and 3. Water Based and low sheen waxes wash out easily and should be applied daily.

How do you like to style your hair? What level of hold?

Pomades are good for slicked back hair, waxes suit textured, messier looks. If your hair is slightly longer and you just want to control frizz or fly-away hair- go the creme. While cremes have light hold, pomades generally have a good level of hold, while the matt clays (rather than the other wax products) will also give a strong hold without the shine.

Do you like to redo your hair during the day?

Water based pomades need to be rewet to redo, oil pomades and waxes can just be reworked.

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