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There’s a lot of hair products out there for guys these days, with more coming out each week. To help you navigate all of the options available we’ve put together this series to help you pick the one that best suits you. We'll go through all of the various hair products in depth and what hair they suit. But first, let’s break the different options down for you.

Men’s hair products basically fall into three categories. Gone are the days of mousse and hairspray, even gel has been transformed into a far better product than the crunchy haired monster that it was.


While pomade is fast becoming the go to word for any mens hair product, true pomade refers to a specific product that gives medium to high hold and shine. Pomades can come in oil based (like Reuzel Grease Medium Hold) and water based (like King Brown Premium Pomade), both with really different qualities but both designed to give you that slick, shiny look. 


These are designed to give you a dry tacky hold, good for adding texture, or the slightly messy look. Matte products range from low sheen through to pastes and clays. Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight is an example of low sheen wax, Bluebeards Revenge make a matte paste and Layrite Cement is an example of a matte clay. Matte clay (which often contains actual clay) is a stronger, harder product than matte paste and will give a stronger hold. The paste and low sheen products have a lighter hold.


The creams, like Baxter's Grooming Lotion, add shine and a very light hold that is great for medium and longer length hair.  Creams are great for guys who don’t want to look like they have any product in their hair, but will keep it neat, and tame the flyaways in longer hair.For thin hair, only use a small amount so that it doesn’t look greasy. 

So there you go. Three basic product types. Each of which we will explain in a lot more depth over the next three weeks. Next week we'll look at pomades in more depth, explaining the difference between oil based and water based pomades, and the benefits and down sides of each. The last journal in this series will be on how to choose the right product for you.

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