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Soul singer James Brown may have been wrong about many things, but he was spot-on when he said, "Hair is the first thing. And teeth the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things, he's got it all."

He’s right. First impressions really do count. Science tells us that people take between three to seven seconds to make a judgement about you. Within that first few seconds they’ll make lightning fast decisions - are you friendly, organised, capable, trustworthy, authoritative? Would you make a good potential life partner, employee, manager? Not only are their judgments made in less than seven seconds, but these judgments are four times more likely to be influenced by non-verbal cues like grooming and posture, than by what you say. Puts a whole new perspective on preparing for a job interview, business proposal or date, really.

Studies show that better looking people actually earn more in the workplace. Don’t think of grooming as a waste of time, or unnecessary, consider it an investment in your career or romantic prospects. So, what can you do to make those seven seconds count?

Make friends with your barber

As James Brown points out, teeth and hair are the first things people will notice about you. That’s great - you can leave both of those things with the professionals, and maintain between visits. Find a good barber and use them. A good cut will save you the time when you need it in the morning. Tell them what you are after and how much time you want to spend on your hair and they’ll help you decide on a haircut that suits both your hair and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to purchase hair products as they’ll make your hair more manageable. Ask your barber to demonstrate how to use them correctly - each kind of product will need to be used differently.


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Keep your facial hair tidy

Facial hair is just as important. Whether bearded or clean-shaven, maintaining your facial hair will go a long way to making the right first impression. Regular beard trims and the right products will make your beard look neat and professional. With clean-shaven skin, applying quality shaving cream with the best brush, a good razor and the right aftershave moisturiser will improve the quality of your skin over time.


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Look after your hands

Tell me, what’s the first thing you do when you meet a person? Hands take centre stage when ever we interact - we shake hands, hold hands, sit them in front of us on a desk and often use our hands to speak. Dirty nails, rough hands - they detract from the strong message that you are trying to deliver. Keep your nails clean and well trimmed, and if you really want to pay attention to your grooming, apply a hand cream.


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Practice daily hygiene

Finally, daily hygiene is so important – we have all walked past someone who smells and it really does affect our opinion of them. I’ve actually avoided dealing with some people in the workplace because of their body odour. I’m not alone - people are too embarrassed to mention that someone smells - they will just go out of their way to avoid them. A daily shower, freshly washed hair, frequent uses of anti - perspirant deodorant and good quality cologne or aftershave, will all help you get the girl/opportunity/promotion.


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Book an appointment with your bare-knuckle barber now.

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